N’Durance® Dimer Flow

Light Cure Nano-Dimer Low Shrinkage High Conversion Flowable Composite
  • N’Durance® Dimer Flow


  • Base/Liner
  • Small Cavities
  • Extended pit & fissure sealing
  • Restoration repair

Features & benefits

  • Outstanding consistency for easy placement and ideal adaptation to cavity walls.
  • Lower volumetric shrinkage, causing less stress on tooth-restoration interface for improved durability.
  • Higher intra-oral monomer conversion of 75% optimizing physical and mechanical properties and reducing elution of residual monomer.
  • Available in 6 Vita™ shades, Universal Opaque and Bleach White to offer a full color palette, allowing superior aesthetic results.
  • Ultra thin syringe tips for precise placement with easy extrusion.
  • Compatible with all bonding agents.
  • Extremely hydrophobic for better color stability.


  • Item # 01C3080 - 01C3087 - 2 - 2g syringes, 20 tips (shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, C2, Bleach White, Universal Opaque).
  • Item # 01C3079 - 25 (20G), syringe tips.