Nano-Dimer low shrinkage composite
  • N’Durance® Universal


  • Direct esthetic restoration of anterior and posterior teeth

Features & benefits

  • Lowest volumetric shrinkage, inducing less stress on tooth-restoration interface for improved durability
  • Highest intra-oral monomer conversion of 75% optimizing physical and mechanical properties and reducing elution of residual monomer
  • Available in 16 Vita™ shades, Universal Opaque, Translucent, and Bleach White to offer a full color palette, allowing superior esthetic results
  • Superior radio-opacity and compressive strength of 319 MPa for long lasting restorations
  • Compatible with all bonding agents
  • Non-sticky and easy to handle
  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • Available in kits, unit dose caspules and syringes


  • Item #01C3011 - 01C3028 Unit Dose Refill packs : 20 - 0.25g unit dose capsules
  • Item #01C3051 - 01C3057 Syringe Refill (1 x 4.5g)