BioRoot® Flow

Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer
  • BioRoot Flow Product
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  • Permanent root canal filling in combination with gutta-percha points in case of inflamed or necrotic pulp or following a retreatment procedure.

Features & benefits

  • Easy – Ready-to-use syringe provides easy extrusion directly into canals and you maintain your preferred obturation technique
  • Successful – Highly-pure calcium silicate mineral formulation (resin-free) means no shrinkage, limited bacterial growth, and increased biocompatibility and bioactivity which reduce the risk of adverse reactions
  • For Everyone – Designed for cold and warm techniques with excellent flow into accessory canals, tight adhesion to dentin and gutta-percha, and reproducible results in all root canal treatments from simple to complex


  • Item #01E0510 - 1 x 2g syringe, 1 finger grip, 20 intra-oral tips
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