Septodont Voice Of Customer Meetings in Canada

Group Practice Advisory Council Meeting
On September 21, members of Group Practice organizations met with Dave Benovy, Paul Mondock, Joanne Brethauer, and Duoject VP of Engineering Services, Dan MacDonald, in Cambridge. The attendees were Ammet Sharma and Jeff Bogert of Altima, Tom O’Toole and Dr. Pravin Chellamuthu of Aspen Dental, Jeff Conway of Dental Corp, and Dr. Samson Liu of Heartland Dental. Topics discussed included DSO opportunities and challenges, continuing education, digitalization of the dental industry, and our key products – BioRoot, Biodentine and OraVerse.

Clinical Advisory Council Meeting
On September 29, four dentists who have been great Septodont customers for years accompanied the marketing management team (Dave Benovy, Cass Campbell and Matt Woolson) and Duoject VP of Engineering Services, Dan MacDonald, to our North American headquarters in Cambridge. The dentists, who are members of our Clinical Advisory Council (CAC), were Dr. Marcella Guzman (Chicago, IL), Dr. Lori Trost (Columbia, IL), Dr. Reza Ardalan (Port St Lucie, FL) and Dr. Glenn Wenger (Ephrata, PA). The purpose of this meeting was to discuss current and potential Septodont products and activities as well as gather some intel on what the doctors think about not only Septodont, but the dental market as a whole. Topics discussed included developments with bioactive products and anesthetics, Septodont’s Continuing Education course program, and the value of dealer and manufacturer sales representatives. The group also took a tour of the anesthetic manufacturing so that they could see the great work we do in producing quality anesthetic for dentists like them.